Listium Embed Demo

The first version of Listium's embed was released in early 2023. This site contains a few examples to help demonstrate how the embed can be used.

Note: some of the list views are still to be properly optimised for use in the embed. Expect further improvements over the next few weeks.

Embed Tool - Known Issues

(as of 24/2/23)

No major known issues at the moment, just plenty of minor improvements to come.

Please let us know if you find anything or have any feature requests!

  • [Fixed 17/2/23]  Slide view - vertical scrolling is locked on some lists
  • [Fixed 17/2/23]  Table view - data in all rows in embed table view is slightly off centre (vertically)
  • [Fixed 16/2/23]  Filters - range sliders sometimes need to be adjusted twice to get them to save
  • [Fixed 13/2/23]  Table view - first column width is incorrect for some items on long lists